Oh, My Living God, Your Will Be Done

By | July 29, 2019

When I officiated at a Blessing ceremony, in particular, I went through even more spiritual experiences. Some people even screamed out when I sprinkled holy water on them. They said that when the holy water touched their heads, it was so hot that it felt almost as if their bodies were afire. One husband and wife were having difficulties, but after the Blessing the husband confessed his sins and knelt in front of his wife in tears and asked for her forgiveness.

When I experience such spiritual phenomena, I come to realize the value of the Blessing and the fact that God is alive. I also come to learn that therein lies the grace of consecration and rebirth bestowed on us by True Parents. I personally have experienced that spiritual miracles are not just things that occurred two thousand years ago in Jesus’ time, but that they can occur to us at any time if we have pure hearts that are opened wide in the hopes of becoming one with Heaven. The difference between today and Jesus’ time is that miracles only happen through people who are prepared. As I said earlier, though only one person from Monze village of Choma region had received the Blessing, he caused a chain reaction through which the Blessing was spread out wide, and this is a miracle that has taken place today. It means that the people prepared by Heaven for a long time can be found anywhere. I became convinced that it is our portion of responsibility as blessed families to find such people entrusted with the mission of John the Baptist.

-from the testimony of Masika Mutokambali Evelyn Chimfwembe, Heavenly Tribal Messiah Series 3