I am anxious to know what they are doing all day

By | July 31, 2019
 Every time I go out witnessing, I feel the heart of True Parents. I concentrate my whole mind on my guests, and I am anxious to know what they are doing all day. I cannot help but think of them with a parental heart, hoping that their faith will grow. I have thought to myself, “What makes True Parents true parents?” I get restless when I have even a few guests, but when I think about True Parents, who are reaching out to every one of us with a parental heart in order to save humanity, I realize, “Witnessing starts not from focusing on increasing the number of church members, but from facing each person with a parental heart. I am now in the process of being educated to become a true parent.” This changed my perspective on witnessing. Witnessing is loving humanity and caring for the people around us with a parental heart.

ーfrom the testimony of Mrs. Mayuri Hoffman: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Series 3