Mr. Cha(-)en’s HDH Schedule

By | July 6, 2022

Progress of Hoon Dok(17Year and 8months)

      Cumulative total of 33,864 hours of reading (about 3 years and 10 months)

As of June 30, 2022

Book#of timesTime requiredDuration per reading#of pages
2004.10.2011.88Hours EDP chart2120 days6 hors200
2004.11.92005.5.30Divine Principle100 7mon17 hours604
2005.6.1~2010.7.21CSG(Old)天聖経(5311005Yrs2mon120 hours2652
2010.7.2212.31PHG 平和神経1005mon12 hours594
2011.1.16.17TF’s autobiography100 6mont11 hours 347
2011.6.186.251hour EDP100 8days40 min 108
2011.6.267.153hours EDP100 20days2 hours 234
2011.7.168.27Bible4 1mon103 hours 1735
2011.8.2811.2312hours EDP100 3mon8 hours 406
2011.11.2412.31Divine Principle19 36days17 hours 604
2012.1.12016.2.7World scripture1004yrsmon90 hours 1486
2016.2.82022.6.30PHG 平和経(178886yrs10mon78 hours1632

☆ In order to read the lessons based on the correct view of the principles, he also made a Transcribed (copying)(写経).

End of Mar. 2004~ Preparation period (about 7 months) for reading lessons for an average of 6 hours a day (for 12 years)

2007.2.6~ Transcribed the principle chart a total of 100 times (41 times in 8 hours, 59 times in 12 hours)  

2010.5.31~ Transcribed the principle body theory chart 40 times