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週刊ブリーフィング (2017年 7月29日)

1. 真の父母様の動静 – 真の父母様マディソンスクエアガーデン大会祝勝会 朝食会 / 真の父母様マディソンスクエアガーデン大会祝勝会 青年集会 / 真の父母様マディソンスクエアガーデン大会祝勝会 午餐会 / 真の父母様招請アフリカ宗教指導者特別晩餐会 / 真の父母様主管特命総使・大陸会長特別集会および午餐会) 2. 世界ニュース – 神氏族メシヤ活動 (コンゴ民主共和国:キリスト教会復帰運動および神氏族メシヤ祝福式 / ガーナ:超宗教指導者セミナー) – 平和運動(韓国:ピースロード2017コリア統一大長征市道・市郡区大会出発 / ザンビア:UPF環境浄化キャンペーン) – 青年活動 (韓国:YSP、統一Do Dream統一講師ワークショップ / 未来人材持続育成フォーラム / フィリピン:第2回120日武術講師訓練および平和研究卒業式 / 香港:2017グローバル孝情大会 / ネパール:超宗教青年奉仕団(RYS)5月原理修練会) – 主要ニュース (韓国・コスタリカ:青少年純潔運動本部業務協約式 / 日本:天運相続孝情還元祈願聖火式)

National 40-Day Prayer Condition

Dear Pastors, Community Leaders, and Blessed Families, Thank you again for all your investment and efforts that helped make ‘Peace Starts with Me’ at Madison Square Garden a victory for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We truly appreciate everyone’s participation and support.We now look forward to the next step and would like to direct our… Read More »

Peace Starts With Me: Video Highlights

Relive the highlights of ‘Peace Starts With Me’ at Madison Square Garden. This week, we’ve released the podium speeches of True Mother, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim and Dr. Michael Balcomb, and others, as well as Total Praise by the 2,000 Voice Choir! It’s all at! Watch the Videos

Welcome Rev. Buessing & Thank You Dr. Balcomb

Dear Pastors, Community Leaders, and Blessed Families, It has truly been a great victory for Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and our American family at Madison Square Garden on July 15. Following such victory, and looking forward to the fulfillment of Vision 2020, True Mother has made some changes in the organization of our worldwide movement.… Read More »

This Week on True Parents Way

In our blog, Peace Starts with Me, we talk about the ways in which True Mother breaks this world’s concepts and expectations. One, she maxed out Madison Square Garden. Two, she revolutionizes the root of women’s rights. Three, she calls women to be what God created them to be, perfectly different from men. This week… Read More »