The Spirit of “Peace Starts With Me” Reunites Broken Families

One of the primary goals of “Peace Starts With Me” was to encourage everyone to come together and create a unified world in spite of our differences. In accordance with this spirit of “Peace Starts With Me,” one family was inspired to unite in the testimony below. 

Shermaine, with the Christian Times, attended the July 8, 2017 ACLC Clergy Breakfast at the Manhattan Center with her husband, George.  George had been estranged from his brother for some years.  During the breakfast, George was very moved by the theme of creating harmonious families.  After the breakfast he spoke with Mrs. Beryl Green, and felt moved by the Holy Spirit to reach out to his brother, whom he had not seen for a couple of years.

When he telephoned his brother, the brother went to see George right away.  George also met his brother’s ten year old son, whom he had not seen since he was 4 years old.  The brothers didn’t part until 10:00 p.m. that evening.  George’s brother plans to go visit George and Shermaine in their new home in Chesapeake, Virginia in the near future.

George also told his nephew, Dashuan, that he could call him anytime if he needed help.  Several days later the nephew called at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.  He didn’t need anything, but wanted to see if his uncle would really answer the phone at an awkward hour.  George did answer the phone, and is rebuilding trust and healthy relationships within his family.

Do you want to help build peace in your everyday life? Start now, by joining the 21-Day Peace Challenge! The first week of the challenge focuses on growing your self; the second week builds relationships and family peace practices; and the third week will help you radiate peace out to the world.

This Week on True Parents Way

In our blog, Peace Starts with Me, we talk about the ways in which True Mother breaks this world’s concepts and expectations. One, she maxed out Madison Square Garden. Two, she revolutionizes the root of women’s rights. Three, she calls women to be what God created them to be, perfectly different from men.

This week we conclude our 3-part video series on the Eight Great Textbooks. The list is a gateway, not a fence. It is a liberation, not a limitation. True Father calls us to love God and each other, to speak and live the divine Word, to be living testimonies to his life and teachings.

Our Thursday podcast, God Is Simple—or Not, we relate True Father’s words, “You cannot hold onto any particular expectation about how your life should go,” and “Unimaginable complications arose during my course,” to the complicated path of the absolute, unique, representative woman, True Mother.

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An Overview of Peace Starts With Me


“Peace Starts With Me” was a great success, as an incredible diversity of faiths gathered at Madison Square Garden to listen to True Mother’s message. Over a month of extensive preparation went into creating “Peace Starts With Me,” as people from all around the nation and the world came to mobilize.  An overview of the preparation and the program for “Peace Starts With Me,” which featured True Mother’s speech, amazing musical performances from Grammy Award-winning gospel artists, and more, can be found in the slideshow below.

Watch what happened on July 15 at, where videos from the event will be made available throughout the next couple weeks!

Join the 21-Day Peace Challenge


On July 15, we filled Madison Square Garden for Peace Starts With Me, a wonderful event where we could all share in the love of God as one family.
Over 10,000 people took a stand for creating peace every day of our lives, starting with ourselves, our relationships, and neighborhoods, and reaching all the way out to our nation and the world.

True Mother shared a message about the history of God’s work for peace, the world’s dire need for true parents who can guide us to live as true brothers and sisters, and how America can be a leader in restoring peace on earth, starting with each of us. If we practice true love everywhere we go, shine our light to the world, and live for the sake of others, God’s peaceful home on earth is not far away. Continue reading Join the 21-Day Peace Challenge