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True Mother’s Letter to True Father: 2019-08-17

[print-me target=”body”] Beloved Father! How we miss you! Father, you are always with us! Seven years have already passed since your Holy Ascension to the heavenly realms. There is no place in Heaven or on Earth untouched by your sweat and tears. On this day, we particularly long for you. Father, one year before your… Read More »

Hyojeong Builds Youth Leaders

Hyojeong Builds Youth Leaders The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) Los Angeles chapter organized an American Hyojeong Trip for CARP USA and Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YAYAM) members from July 6 to 18. A total of 57 participants registered and will travel to Chicago and Washington, D.C. from July 11 to… Read More »

Oh, My Living God, Your Will Be Done

When I officiated at a Blessing ceremony, in particular, I went through even more spiritual experiences. Some people even screamed out when I sprinkled holy water on them. They said that when the holy water touched their heads, it was so hot that it felt almost as if their bodies were afire. One husband and… Read More »

Tithing (Donation) is the heavenly Tradition

Some heavenly tribal messiahs are reluctant to educate their new tribe members about donating. However, it should be remembered that donating is one of the duties of the Cheon Il Guk people, and the path for blessed members to receive heavenly fortune and the grace of expanding their financial foundation. Any church whose minister talks… Read More »

You are my God

As I was raising up my first three couples, I prayed for them sincerely with tears. Though we were far away from one another, I kept calling out their names in prayer until they longed to see me. When one of my spiritual children said, “You and your husband are our God,” I felt a… Read More »


Ever since we received the Blessing, my husband and I have promised to live for the providence in complete harmony. As True Parents said, “Before seeking to dominate the universe, first achieve dominion over the self!” I have always lived with the realization that I must always look for the source of any problem not… Read More »

My Positive Life Style (testimony from Mrs. Kang)

I communicated with True Parents every day, in my heart, “Father, didn’t I do a good job today? Didn’t I give you happiness?” This way, I pushed myself and encouraged myself, so I would not get tired, and told myself that True Parents were with me. I think the most daunting enemy is a bad… Read More »